Content & Social Marketing

How does a business effectively reach a new and growing market? 10 years ago businesses didn’t consider having a website. Today, 97% of all new purchasing decisions are made using the internet. Most of which people are using social media.

This is the best news for small businesses. Large corporations spend tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly on traditional advertising. It’s impossible for the small business to compete. But because of the internet, the small business not only has an even playing field but actually has the advantage.

Content Marketing
Content marketing is the creation of valuable content to your customers. This can be something as simple as an inspiration quote, a daily tip, or a how-to video. When a customer is interested in a particular service, and they stumble upon your help videos, this brands you as the expert in the field. When the customer begins to make a purchasing decision, your business becomes top of mind. Businesses that brand themselves as the expert in their field usually are more valuable to the client.

Social Marketing
Businesses use social marketing to interact with their community. Some businesses use social marketing as another area to advertise but it should be used to engage and to interact. Use social media to show that your business is still human. Share your favorite music while you’re at work on Facebook or Spotify. Pin your favorite brownie recipe. Celebrate birthdays on Facebook.

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